5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

With summer break upon us, it’s time to go out and enjoy our post-exam freedom. Many students are starting their co-op or internship that will keep them busy throughout the summer months. However, many students are looking for ways to improve their skills outside a regular work term. To those students whose summer plans are still up in the air but are keen in using these months to gain meaningful experience; here are a few ways you can use this time to pad your resume and improve your skills.


Learning new programs can be a daunting task and are often time consuming. The beauty of WordPress is how easy it is to understand. It allows beginners to create aesthetically pleasing websites quickly and easily.  Many employers, especially in the Communication field will prefer candidates that know how to navigate WordPress.

The best way to begin using WordPress is to create a blog. Play around with the different themes, structures and widgets. If you don’t intend to keep the blog active or make it public, you will gain a valuable skill that can be showcase on your resume and cover letter!

Extra mile tip: Keep a digital copy of your portfolio using WordPress! This makes it easier for employers to access and convenient for you to update. It’s also a chance for you to show off HOW you use WordPress.



Courses, boot camps, and certifications are great ways to boost your resume. They can add applicable skills that are valuable to employers and you as an employee. You’ll be much better equipped for whichever job you choose to take on with some certifications under your belt!

There are always programs for eager learners during the summer. Choose to enrol in a course that lasts the entire summer, or shorter ones that can be completed on your own time. The best part about taking summer courses is the change in environment from your traditional school setting. Many courses and boot camps include hands-on training using applicable programs, which will supplement your learning.

Checkout Lighthouse Labs and Red Academy for summer boot camps and courses to build your skill sets! Going home for the summer? No problem. Lighthouse labs has you covered with several locations across the country for you to take courses.

There’s also certifications you can get to spice up your resume! Consider getting your Hootsuite Certification or even dive into the work of Google with Google Analytics IQ and

Google Adwords Certification.

Checkout the courses and workshops taking place at SFU this summer. There are boot camps offered at each of our campuses that continue throughout the summer. The benefit of taking a single day bootcamp in comparison to summer courses is the flexibility to choose various workshops that fit your schedule while still being able to enjoy the sun! If you’re looking for a mini escape SFU is also offering select day courses in Whistler.


If the classroom isn’t for you this summer there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved within your community this summer. GoVolunteer  is a website to find meaningful volunteer opportunities close to home. You are able to search the different types of opportunities and apply! Volunteering is also a great way to gain experience while giving back to your community. Volunteering offered many benefits such as networking, opportunities for future work and valuable references when applying for jobs.


We have all heard this before but go talk to your Co-op Advisors about how to improve your resume and cover letters. They can help with applications or offer more information about applying for co-op this upcoming fall. Career Services is also there to help if your are unsure how to break into your desired field. They can also open up your options in terms of careers after graduation. Since most of us are not taking summer classes it’s a great opportunity to use free time and check out the resources we are often too busy to access during the school year.


For those who are taking summer classes don’t forget to get involved in different clubs on Campus. There are amazing opportunities waiting to be uncovered. This could be an opportunity to gain leadership, event and marketing experience. Clubs Days is coming up so don’t miss it!

Queueing the shameless plug, here at CMNSU we are always accepting Student Life Contributions from any of our students willing to write about school or any Communication related topics. This a great way to get involved on Campus, as well as get your writing published by a professional organization. Ready to write? E-mail our blog editor at editor@cmnsu.com!

There are so many opportunities this summer to pad your resume. Just remember to be persistent and be open and willing to trying new things and putting in the time to further your skills! Most importantly, just try something new. Exposing yourself to different opportunities and areas will allow you to better understand different parts of the industry you’re interested in as well open your networking opportunities.