Humans of Communication

Faith Kam

Meet Faith: the Student turned social media business woman. Q: How can a communication student start a brand for themselves via social media/blogging/YouTube? A: ‘Starting your own business is extremely exciting but it’s also very competitive!  In my own experience, the key to starting your business online is understanding what your niche is. Do your research on what the …

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Kathleen Estanislao

Kathleen is the Digital Marketing Manager at Market One Media Group, and a CMNSU alumni! Q: Tell us about a time where you felt empowered as a woman in your industry? A: Working strictly with clients in the Capital Markets, it was early on at my company when I saw misogyny present itself at conferences, events, and …

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Sarvin Samei

Sarvin is a Digital Communication Coordinator at MMM Marketing Fraser Valley; Social Media Coordinator at TEDxSFU; Contributor at The Peak & Vice President, Marketing & Communication at CMNSU. Q: How did you get involved with school clubs and organizations such as TEDxSFU & CMNSU? What advice can you give? A: When I first transferred to …

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