Nicole Van Zanten

What does your specific position entail?
  • I lead the Marketing and Communications group at ICUC, the world’s largest social media moderation agency. For Marketing, I am responsible for building the brand, generating leads, supporting our sales team etc. For Communications, my group is responsible for all internal (employee relations) and external (PR, etc.)


What is your favourite part about working as a Director of Marketing and Communications at ICUC?

  • Although we’re a large company (600+ employees globally), our executive team is small – which I love. It feels like we’re working for a start-up, though we certainly aren’t. I love having the flexibility of working with our sales group one day and external PR the next.


If you did a co-op at SFU what was a position/ your favourite co-op placement. Did it help you get to where you are today as a successful individual in the Communication industry?

  • I did two co-ops – one with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver and the other with the Vancouver Canucks (I then proceeded to work with the Vancouver Canucks for 5+ years following the internship). I would never have gained the early experience I did if I was not part of SFU co-op and I certainly attribute my career development and growth to those opportunities.


How would you describe a ‘Vancouverite’?
  • Laid-back, easy-going, in-touch and life-style focused. Traveling around North America for my job, the lifestyle focus is very evident in Vancouver-ites. In New York, Toronto, Boston, most are focused on careers, with lifestyle coming second. The opposite is certainly the case for Vancouer-ites.


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