Clash of Campuses / Vidao Brand Ambassador Program


Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp all started somewhere! How’d you feel if you were one of the first users of these social media platforms?! CMNSU is pleased to inform you about the next up and coming communication application called Vidao.

Vidao Messenger let’s you connect with your friends in more ways than ever before! It is a new communication app that integrates a variety of features for efficient and modern messaging. Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.24.02

They are launching Clash of Campuses, the Vidao Brand Ambassador program to provide university students a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience. It will challenge your marketing and social media abilities in creative ways to promote the Vidao experience!

The Brand Ambassadors will gain real world experience and leadership skills, gain credibility in the industry and will be recognized on Vidao’s online social channels.

Anyone can apply and be eligible to win one of three amazing prizes that include: a paid internship with Vidao, a $1500 & $500 scholarship in tuition.

For more information visit Vidao’s website and click here to apply to become a Brand Ambassador!