FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2015: Call for Submissions


You’ve had a couple of weeks to think about it, so you’re ready to submit to the 2015 FCAT Undergraduate Conference right? Submissions are due February 6th, 2015! 

If you’re at a loss on what to submit, take a look at last year’s Undergrad Conference, here to get some inspiration from your fellow students.

Of course, let’s not forget that all-important question of why you should bother submitting and presenting. After all, it sure does sounds like work. Besides offering an awesome experience to present and network at a conference, which looks great on a resume and grad school application, you’ll have the chance to show off some of your amazing work! Don’t believe me, here’s what Brendan Lane, a student in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, had to say about his experience as a presenter at last year’s conference:

“The conference as a whole felt like a genuinely concerted effort to bridge the gaps between programs within the faculty, and as presenters, we relished the chance to show off what SIAT students could do in front of so many other people who wouldn’t have gotten to see our work otherwise!”

A rewarding challenge? Learning and interacting outside of the classroom? The chance to inspire your fellow students? Helping you pursue future goals? What’s not to like about all of that! Submit right here!