Job Opportunity: CMNS Emergency Communications

Two CMNS professors, Peter Anderson and Stephen Braham, are looking to hire some students who would be interested in doing some assistant work at the Provincial Regional Emergency Operation Centre (PREOC) in Surrey (near RCMP E Division Headquarters) to help them get some work for their Emergency Management BC grant that needs to be completed over the next few weeks before Fiscal Year End, March 31st.

They want at least 2 people at approximately $48 an hour (incl. benefits) and they estimate approximately 70 person hours total. The assistants would have to come out during PREOC business hours on days that Steve or Peter could be there. If three people are hired then there would be less hours per person, depending on their availability. The idea being that the more people turn up at once, the less hours Peter or Steve need to spend physically present at the PREOC which is in their interest as they are very busy.

Here are the list of things they will need done:

* Assembling shelves for a shipping/storage Container (once it arrives, and then they arrive)
* Moving equipment from the a double trailer currently used for storage to the Container, including changing packaging from old boxes to new (we could start the re-package and label before the container is here)
* Helping inventory and label a bunch of things
* Doing a general check-out of the network/fiber cables in storage with a CableIQ testing kit (Steve will provide training) for length, signal performance, and wiring, and then both sorting them into 1000BASE-T compatible ones, 100BASE-TX, and weird/failed (Steve will go through the weird), and labeling them with a length, speed, and an ID number (both ends), so they can deploy them a lot easier in future (they’ll go into better boxes, too), in addition to looking out for cables in a bad way (ends broken, kinks). Only one CableIQ tester, but one person could measure, and another label and stick in boxes (the tester could label them with a pen and masking tape, while recording result, and then somebody makes nice labels and puts them on)
* Being the extra set of hands needed to install switches into the communications truck server racks
* Picking up pieces of equipment (i.e. network switches) as they arrive at Burnaby campus and bringing them back (so one person would need to have a vehicle big enough)

More info on the project:

If interested email Jason Levis: