Kathleen Estanislao

Kathleen is the Digital Marketing Manager at Market One Media Group, and a CMNSU alumni!

Q: Tell us about a time where you felt empowered as a woman in your industry?

A: Working strictly with clients in the Capital Markets, it was early on at my company when I saw misogyny present itself at conferences, events, and in moments when I was seen dressed in a blazer and heels. I was told that it was “just how it was” and “not to be surprised.”

My promotion as the Digital Marketing Manager for MMG provided me an opportunity to not only scale our growing digital department and lead a team, but also make a lasting impact on a thriving business. At MMG I had always qualified a seat in the boardroom, but with this new title it was different. I was able to pitch our services to a potential client with my voice holding authority. We work with companies in a sector which seems to favor men, and as a woman it felt empowering to be in the boardroom and be taken at face value. Inequality exists but it’s about breaking barriers and developing a way for yourself to restructure them. When I started, MMG consisted of 10% women, and now its at 60%. I was lucky to have stumbled upon a media and tech company that valued women and flourished exponentially with the addition of them to their business.