Student Life Article Contributor


Have an idea for an article that only other Communication students would relate to? Whether it be about tech, media, pop culture, or even life at SFU, we'd love to be a platform for your voice. With Communication being such a broad field, almost anything goes!

Why contribute?

  • Your article will be published on our blog, with full credit including name and photo
  • Your article will be advertised to our network of Communication students, alumni, and faculty
  • You'll gain editorial and blogging experience, crucial in Communications roles
  • Articles written by you will be owned by you! We're here to provide a venue for you to get published and establish a portfolio

Here are our general guidelines to keep in mind when writing as a contributor, and the 4 steps involved in the process:

1. Choose a relevant topic

Articles should be about 300-400 words in length. In other words, we’re looking for interesting and concise ideas that catch the reader's attention right away!

Here are some topic areas to get your ideas flowing:

  • Technology / Media: Innovation or discoveries that are changing our world
  • Entertainment / Culture: Trends that are taking over our media scene
  • Communication: Take an angle on any topic that you've learned about in class
  • Student Life at SFU: Issues that affect students on a daily basis
  • How To’s: Give great advice about something that could make or break it for someone
  • Student Experience: Something cool that you attended on campus that you want to share

We’re looking for topics that appeal to communication students, (such as yourself, for example!), or are related to Communication in some way.

If you have an idea that doesn’t fall within any of the topic areas mentioned above, shoot us an email at, and we can discuss it. Just be sure that each article articulates a clear opinion on the issue, and not just a summary.

2. Pitch your article before you start

Once you have an idea, send it to for approval before you start. This allows us to make sure that the idea is appropriate for publishing.

  • Summarize: Article pitches should be about 1-3 sentences in length and describe the key issues up for discussion
  • Take an angle: Make sure to identify a clear opinion and stance about an issue. Articles should be controversial and interesting

3. Idea & article reviewing, and scheduling

After your idea has been submitted for approval, we'll get back to you within a few days if we're interested in publishing it, as well as a deadline for the finished article. Ideas will be selected based an evaluation of how appropriate they are, how well opinions are articulated, and how much students can relate.

  • Meetings may also be arranged with the CMNSU Editor to discuss potential article ideas
  • If an idea is not approved, the CMNSU editor will provide feedback on how to revise it so that it will be approved for publishing in the future
  • Ideas may be approved for later publication dates, depending on the publication schedules
  • Publication dates may be discussed to fit the schedule of the writer with prior approval of the editor

4. Submit your finished article

Email your finished article to before, or by your due date.

  • Submit the article as a word document
  • Be sure to include a title
  • Attach any images that should be included
  • Attach a photo of yourself for the writer credit