Student Life Article Contributors

Thank you for your interest in contributing to CMNSU and our online articles, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when writing as a contributor, and 4 steps to writing for CMNSU:

1. Choose a topic

Articles should be about 300-400 words in length, in other words we’re looking for interesting and concise ideas that catch the reader’s attention right away!

Here are some topic areas to get your ideas flowing:

  • Technology and Media – New discoveries or developments in technology that change the way we interact with our world. However, media can also include social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Entertainment and Culture – Shocking trends that take over our media scene, or patterns in entertainment that are interesting to examine. Example: the influence of reality TV on our society
  • Other areas of Communication – Any topic that has been spoken about in a class (there just has to be an interesting angle) Example: the role of Green Marketing in advertising and how it influences our purchasing decisions
  • Student Life at SFU – Issues that affect students on a daily basis or changes to SFU’s student life scene. In general, this area pertains to any articles that relate to life at SFU. Example: some topics could be campus involvement or enrolment issues.
  • How To’s – Great advice that could affect the successfulness of students inside and outside of SFU. Example: advice could be about how to receive a great internship, how to get ahead at school, or how to apply for scholarships, etc.
  • Student Experience – If you recently attended a great event at SFU tell us about it, and how it affected you. Note: events must be related to Communication students in some way.

We’re trying to look for topics that appeal to communication students (Such as yourself, for example!) or are related to communication in some way. With communication being such a wide field, almost anything goes. If you have an idea that doesn’t fall within any of the topic areas mentioned above, shoot us an email and we can discuss it – just be sure that each article articulates a clear opinion on the issue, and not just a summary. If you’re having troubles, we’re happy to help!

2. Send articles to CMNSU for approval

Article ideas should be sent to CMNSU first for approval to Sana Santosh ( This allows us to make sure that the idea is appropriate for publishing.

  • Article pitches should be about 1-3 sentences in length and describe the key issues up for discussion. In other words, write a summary for your article!
  • Make sure to identify a clear opinion and stance about an issue and communicate it through the article. Articles should be controversial and interesting, not just basic summaries.

3. CMNSU will review topics and select article ideas to be published

  • Ideas will be selected based an evaluation of how appropriate they are, how well opinions are articulated, and how much students can relate. After ideas have been submitted via email to CMNSU for approval, the contributor will be notified within 1-3 days if their article will be published, as well as a deadline for the finished article.
  • Meetings may also be arranged with the CMNSU editor to discuss potential ideas for approval.
  • If an idea is not approved, the CMNSU editor will provide feedback on how to revise it so that it will be approved for publishing in the future.
  • Ideas may be approved for later publication dates, depending on the publication schedules. Publication dates may be discussed to fit the schedule of the writer with prior approval of the editor.

4. Submit your finished article!

  • Email the finished article as a word document to the Vice President of Communications & Marketing, Sana Santosh, at on the due date.
  • Attach to the email any images that should be included in the article.
  • Attach to the email a picture of you, the writer, which will go beside your name. 


  • Articles will be published on with the author’s name as well as their picture. Articles are advertised to all CMNS students, and in the past they have received hundreds of views.
  • Journalistic experience will benefit those looking to enter a career which involves editorial writing.
  • Articles written by you will be owned by you! CMNSU is here to provide a venue for you to get published and establish a portfolio – all we ask is that you let us publish your work. Anything else to do with your article is all up to you.