The Team

Yasmim Botelho
Yasmim is a third year Communication Major and Gender Studies Minor. She’s really into gigs at secret venues, intersectionality and very inexpensive traveling. Yasmim would ideally eat for a living, but that seems rather impossible so she’s looking to work with events and writing. Her favourite class is and will always be Political Economy of Communication and it’s one of the reasons she stuck with the major.
Jenessa Chan
Vice-President, Internal
Jenessa is a fourth year Communication Major and Publishing Minor who critically contemplates culture and ideology. Her strengths are in copywriting, internal communications, and administration. Jenessa’s most favoured forms of therapy are breaking a sweat and swaying to chill beats. Guilty pleasures include caffeine, chocolate, and cringey dad jokes.
Sonya Hartwig
Vice-President, Finance
Sonya is a Vancouver girl born and raised! She loves the outdoors, especially swimming and hiking. With parents from Argentina and Mauritius, she loves languages, & multiculturalism. Sonya has a passion for social & political change, especially through storytelling, entrepreneurship, art & culture.
Sarvin Samei
Vice-President, Events
After finishing her Associate’s degree at Langara, Sarvin continued her educational path to SFU where she is pursuing a BA in Communication and a minor in Publishing. She works additional positions in digital marketing, graphic design, event planning and journalism. Her favourite ways to relax are drinking LOTS of red wine, eating LOTS of pasta and then… heading to the boxing gym to burn off all the calories. Sarvin could not be more thrilled to spend her final year at SFU being a part of the CMNSU team!
Sana Santosh
Vice-President, Marketing & Communications
Sana is a 4th year Communications Major and Publishing Minor. Originally from Dubai, she has fallen in love with the beauty of Vancouver. When not in school or working, Sana can be found trying out different cuisines, exploring different areas of BC and catching up on sleep! Sana is extremely excited to be a part of the CMNSU this year and can’t wait to create new memories!
Nina Tsou
Vice-President, Creative
Nina is a 4th year CMNS Major and SIAT Minor Intended. She is Taiwanese who was born in Korea and raised in Beijing China for fourteen years. She is passionate about graphic design, especially Kawaii pop art. When Nina was little, she dreamed of being a host for a television food program on a travel channel. In this way ,Nina can makes good money while she is eating a lot of good food and travelling around the world (still dreaming).
Taylor Wagner
Faculty & Council Representative
Taylor is a 4th year Communication and Business Administration joint major who is very excited to be a part of the CMNSU for another year. Passionate about technology, marketing and events, Taylor hopes to gain as much experience and skills as she can so that she can eventually be employed. When she is not working or writing papers, you can find her drinking tea, being a couch potato, or discretely dancing to her music in public.
Angela Vannatter
Events Coordinator
Angela is a 2nd year Communications student who is so excited to have joined the CMNSU team this year! When Angela is not studying or riding the bus on her long commute to SFU, you can find her hanging out with friends, listening to music, or catching up on sleep!
Amrita Mohar
Events Coordinator
Amrita is a second year communications student at Simon Fraser University. She loves helping others and getting involved in her community. In her extra time, she loves creating amazing memories with her friends, watching a Shonda Rhimes show or shopping!
Moni Wahid
Sponsorship Coordinator
Moni loves living in Vancouver and being near her dear friends, but her passion for travel is greater. Her bucket list is really more of a travel list, and her life goal is to have visited each continent– she’s been to 3/7 so far!
Cara Simpson
Sponsorship Coordinator
Cara is a 3rd year Communications Major planning to minor in First Nation Studies. She loves to collaborate with others and working in a team environment. She has a passion for social justice but also enjoys a healthy dose of reality television, and is really looking forward to being part of the CMNSU team this year.
Eman Osman
Social Media Coordinator
Eman is a second year Communications major and hopeful publishing minor. Her goals in life are to work in public relations or digital marketing, and to travel a lot! Outside of school, Eman is often found cooking, going on photography missions with her friends, or irresponsibly browsing in Sephora.
Mariah McKnight
Communication Coordinator
Mariah is a 3rd year communications student with a minor in political science. She is looking forward to being part of the CMNSU team and gaining more experience in her field of study. Mariah loves to travel, has a strong sense of curiosity and a great appreciation for the lifestyles, art and history of other cultures.
Sam Gorick
Multimedia Coordinator
Sam is a third year Communications student at SFU and is looking forward to creating some fun and memorable experiences for fellow CMNS students! When he’s not on the mountain Sam can be found walking the seawall or checking out a local open mic.