Volunteer Opportunity: FCAT Peer Mentor

The Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology Peer Mentorship – Spring and Summer 2016

Program Information

The FCAT Peer Mentor role is a volunteer position that gives you the opportunity to strengthen your leadership and communication skills, while gaining valuable work experience.

Students who have applied and been accepted into FCAT at SFU have a lot of questions, and often worries, about coming to university. As an FCAT Mentor, you will be their ‘Go-To’ person, answering their questions and connecting them to the available resources at SFU that can provide assistance.

Position Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance and support (online, phone, face-to-face) to prospective and new FCAT students by sharing your FCAT and SFU experience, answering questions, and referring to appropriate resources.
  • Assist with special events and workshops held for prospective and new students.
  • Keep in regular contact with the Program Coordinator, making them aware of any issues or concerns that come up.
  • Keep a record of communication you have with the students you are assigned, noting common questions and trends that come up.
  • Be an active and enthusiastic ambassador for FCAT!Time Commitment
  • Mandatory training on March 11th from 4 to 8pm at Burnaby Campus. (If you are unable to make this time due to class please note this in your application).
  • An average of 5-8 hours per month (excluding training) from April 2016 to October 2016.
  • Volunteer hours include communicating with prospective and new students regularly, team meetings, communicating with program coordinator.Qualifications
    The ideal candidate for this position will:
  • Be a continuing undergraduate student with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 who is pursuing a degree in an FCAT Program.
  • Demonstrate attentiveness, reliability, accountability and professionalism.
  • Demonstrate strong writing and email communication skills.
  • Be comfortable working with a diverse group of people.
  • Have good time management skills and be able to work with minimalsupervision.
  • Have ready access to email for communication among team members andwith mentees.

    *******Note: Student doing Coop or Exchange/Field school are also eligible for this position.

How to apply:

  • Please submit a cover letter that explains why you want to be an FCAT Peer Mentor to fcatsec@sfu.ca.
  • Be sure to include your student number in this letter and attach a copy of your current transcript (or state in your letter that you give FCAT permission to pull your transcript for the purpose of hiring for the FCAT Mentor Role).
  • Deadline to apply is February 26th 2016.Questions?

    If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact Emma Horsley (ehorsley@sfu.ca), Student Affairs Coordinator in the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology.